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איך הפסקתי לפחד ולמדתי לאהוב את אריק שרון

How I Learned to Overcome My Fear and Love Arik Sharon


As the 1996 elections approach, director Avi Mograbi sets out to make a documentary about Israel’s most notorious politician, Ariel Sharon. Sharon, a figure admired by many, is a legendary warrior and officer and was a minister in the former Likud government. Mograbi, who was a conscientious objector to the Lebanon War, has an unsettled dispute with Sharon, the mastermind of that war. Nevertheless, while making the film, he seems to begin to see Sharon in a different light. To his surprise, Mograbi discovers that Sharon is warm and friendly, completely different from the man he thought him to be. Thus Mograbi forgets how much blood Sharon has shed and becomes his follower.

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