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Watch a selection of short films by Avi Mograbi for free

1989, 12 min
A short film consisting of one scene in which three people are deported from their country. What happens in the film looks less like a deportation than anything else. All the brutal externals of the deportation have been peeled away, to leave the act itself exposed to a moral discussion.

1999, 5 minutes in an endless loop
a highly charged physical conflict between (Israeli) soldiers and (Palestinian) demonstrators.

Wait, It's the soldiers, I'll hang up now
2002, 13 min.
A phone conversation with George Khleifi, a Palestinian friend who lives in Ramalla, during the April 2002 incursion of the Israeli military to the city. The conversation takes place not long after Israeli soldiers entered his apartment and searched it, soon they will be back.

2004, 8 minutes
an armoured vehicle, a cloud of dust, a bleeding woman, a megaphone, an ambulance, a woman with two children, another ambulance, a weeping girl, a man with white hair, a burst of wind, a reporter, an armoured vehicle, a detail of a bigger picture.

Details 2 & 3
2004, 9 minutes
Two scenes from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in both there is a physical contact between the person capturing the scene on video and the soldiers. In one scene they attack him, in the other he attacks them





Detail 4
2004, 5 min.

Inauguration of the Meir Kahana bible school in Tapu'ah, one of the most extreme Jewish settelements in the occupied territories.​

Details 5-10

2005, 13 min.
6 phone conversations between Avi Mograbi and a Palestinian friend beseiged at his home in Bethlehem during operation Defensive Shield, April-May 2002.

Details 11-13

2009, 11 min.

2 car drives in the occupied territories with journalist Gideon Levy, photographer Miki Kratsman and director of Physicians for human rights mobile clinic Salah Haj Yahia. it's 2003, a few months earlier the car they were driving in was targeted by an Israeli soldier and shot at. They were lucky the car was bullet proof.

Detail 14

The state of Israel is confronted by crucial challenges. The coming months will be highly testing. At this time it is highly important to act with restraint, courage and commitment, to think and act with discretion and responsibility. More than ever, the people wishes to have an experienced leadership, calm and confident. A leader that can take the pressure, that will never lose hope, That always knows to look ahead and find the right solution. One that will bring prosperity, security, peace within, and international recognition. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present the prime minister of Israel Ariel Sharon.

Mrs. Goldstein


An audition for the role of Mrs. Goldstein, the wife of Dr. Baruch Goldstein who in 1994 massacred 29 Moslems and wounded 120 while praying at the Cave of the Patriarchs in the occupied Palestinian town of Hebron. 3 actresses are auditioning for the role.

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